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Whether you’re a small startup just venturing into the eCommerce world, or a big established player that has achieved millions in sales online … one of your main goals is to increase and keep sales coming! Contrary to belief, increasing your online sales doesn’t always mean that you will have to splash out a lot of cash. There are many ways to help achieve that goal spending little or nothing at all! In this article we will focus on some tips and tricks you could be applying to your business to increase sales without spending too much.

1. One core product/service

If you sell a diverse range of products or services through your website, it’s highly recommended to test whether this is the best strategy for growing your online business. Selling too many products in one place doesn’t give room for copy describing them and addressing questions potential customers might have. However if you’re able to offer fewer products or services in one place and provide enough information on each, this will almost always translate into a higher amount of sales!

2. Opt-in offer

This is a very important step for any business big or small. If you’re not already doing this, you’re probably missing out on A LOT of sales! Your opt-in offer is the tool you use to collect emails to be added to your list of subscribers. This list will then be used to send them emails containing useful information and special offers. By doing this you will be establishing a relationship of trust and loyalty with your potential customers and in turn this will boost your sales!

3. Headline optimization

Whether it’s for your blog, sales letter or just copy somewhere on your website … the headline you use will have a bigger impact on your sales than you think! It’s usually the first thing your visitor will see, so it needs to be attention-grabbing in order to convince them to keep reading on. A successful headline would normally highlight a problem that your readers are facing, and stress the main benefit that your product or service has in solving the issue.

4. Infographics

If you haven’t already noticed, there has been an increase in infographic usage on the internet over the past few years. The reason behind this is that it’s a fun, clever way to display bits of information that is very easy for the reader to digest. If you are looking to boost your online sales, using infographics where appropriate is definitely going to help you do that! They will help increase incoming traffic to your site and in turn that will mean more conversions! Not only that, they will also provide you with high value backlinks that will play in your favour when it comes to SEO.

5. Cross-selling

If a person bought one or more of your products from your site, that means they’ve invested time and attention in your brand. They chose you over your competitors to provide them with the solution to their needs, and this only means that they are very likely to buy from you again. If you have any other products or services that would compliment the purchases your customer has already made, you need to take advantage of that and try to cross-sell to them. This has proven to be a very effective method for increasing sales!

6. Video tutorials

This tip is one of the most effective ways of increasing your sales organically without paying a lot of money! Create video tutorials showing how to use your product or containing information you know your audience would value. The more views these videos will generate, the more business you will get. Not only will this create a connection with your audience, but it will serve as an educational tool to promote your product or brand! However, this isn’t the most optimal of strategies for all businesses. If you’re providing a product that isn’t as visual, you can turn to increasing sales through other means like articles, podcasts, etc.

7. Payment options

People are very diverse in their preferences. That means in their preferred methods of payment as well. If you want your visitors to be converting more, you need to make the purchasing process smooth and easy. One of the ways you can do this is to have different payment options (Google Wallet, Apple Pay, credit cards, etc.). This will make it easier for your prospecting customers to give you their money!

8. Image quality

You are presented with two menus and you’re asked to order food from one of them. One of the menus has really nice pictures of well presented food, while the other has fuzzy pictures that aren’t as good looking. Chances are you will most likely order from the one with nicer pictures, even though the food from the other menu could be better. As humans we are naturally drawn to things that are beautiful. The more beautiful and well presented your products look in pictures on your site, the more likely people will buy from you! Hire a professional, or purchase the necessary equipment and have one of your creatives take some great photos for your products … you sales numbers should start rising.

9. Consider "scanners"

Not everyone likes to read all copy they come across on the internet. In fact most people scan through what they find until they reach something that grabs their attention or information they are looking for, then they stop to read. If you have a blog or copy on your website, you need to take this into consideration. While providing a lot of detail about a certain topic or product description is good, instead of having it in big blocks of information … try to break it down into smaller more digestible parts, each with it’s own title or header. Make it easier for them to find the information they are looking for, and in turn this will help increase your sales!

10. Smooth checkout

This is a very important point that a lot of companies surprisingly still don’t understand! A complicated checkout process that requires too much information or has too many steps that take too long will most probably result in an abandoned cart. By making the checkout process very easy and smooth with as few steps as possible, you are almost guaranteed to see higher levels of conversion! This is one of the most important parts of your site, it’s where people convert and you make money! So it’s only natural that the easier the process is, the higher number of conversions you’ll have. To do this you will need to eliminate any unnecessary steps in the process. Make it as quick and easy as possible!

11. Mobile optimization

In a world of quick fixes and instant results, people’s habits are changing. A few years back, almost all online shopping was from computers … but now this is changing and more and more people are starting to shop from mobile devices like phones and tablets. If your website isn’t optimized to these devices, the visitor experience will be very bad and they will abandon your site all together and take their business elsewhere! If you’re looking to boost your sales, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for all devices, or even have a special version for each one. The better experience you give and easier you make it for your visitors to convert, they will!

12. Trust icons

Many online shoppers are worried about the safety of their information. A worried potential customer is one that is reluctant to buy. To reassure them, having trust icons that link to descriptions of all the security measures on your site will go a long way in making them feel a lot more comfortable buying from you! One of the best places to have this is on the checkout page.

13. Re-marketing

This is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. If you’re not using it, you need to seriously rethink your strategy. By not using re-marketing you are basically relying on visitors converting from the first time they visit your site, which rarely happens! Re-marketing will keep your brand on the minds of potential customers and give them several additional opportunities for conversion later on. This strategy will definitely help you boost your online sales.

14. Follow-up email

One mistake a lot of companies make is not following up with customers after they make a purchase. This is really bad for customer retention. This sends a message that you only care about getting their money and not about the customers themselves. By sending a follow-up email you can check in to make sure the quality of the product/service was as expected, you can ask them to get in touch with you if they have any concerns, questions or complaints. This will show that you care about their experience, could be a source for some very valuable feedback that will help you do your business better and it will help you stay top-of-mind with all the customers that have purchased from you. All these factors are almost guaranteed to help turn them into returning customers and increase your sales!

15. Social media listening

Social media listening is an effective way to increase your sales. Monitor conversations about your business online to see what people are saying about your brand and products/services. By doing this you will be able to identify the most common issues or complaints some of your customers might have and fix them accordingly. Some companies even take social listening a step further and listen to conversations about their competitors as well waiting to dive in and help any unsatisfied customers. All this means more sales and more money in your pocket!

16. Social media engagement

Sometimes on social media potential customers visit your page and begin to ask questions about the product/service you provide. By answering their questions honestly and giving them the information they’re searching for, this shows them and others that you care about customers and make time to give them the attention they need. This will build trust and in turn your sales will jump in numbers!

17. Loyalty & rewards programs

Let’s face it, we all like free stuff! By having a good loyalty and rewards program in place you will be encouraging your customers to come back and buy from you again. Free shipping, discounts, add-ons and small gifts are some of many benefits that customers can get through these programs. The more they buy from you and collect points, the more loyal they will become and help increase your sales!
If you take these tips into consideration and optimize them for your business, you will surely see a spike in sales without splashing out a lot of money. Some may work better for companies than others, but all in all they definitely will help you improve efficiency and capture sales that you were missing out on! That said .. don’t try to apply them all at once and measure how much your sales have increased. In order to better understand what works best for you and your business and become even more efficient in the future, it’s recommended that you apply one at a time and measure the rate of it’s success. Each business is unique and will have a different outcome.