About Us

We design strategies that drive client growth and profit utilizing a full range of online and offline services that emphasize and focus on results.


Since starting Be A Part Of in 2004 as three person team, we have methodically and strategically grown to over ten full-time staff and are showing no signs of slowing down in 2016. Long days, strategic planning, and tremendous work ethic out of our team has allowed us to develop into the full-service web firm that we are today. Years of experience and training has allowed us to develop a successful road map to delivering results and the proper level of customer service that our clients have come to expect. From Wales to Australia, Spanish to Cantonese, we have the capability to develop strategies and designs for companies in all walks of life.

Why Choose Be A Part Of?

In today’s world, e-Commerce is no longer a luxury for retailers but a necessity. Customer expectations while shopping online are higher than ever, creating not just a challenge, but an opportunity for retailers to increase margins, increase ROI, and most importantly to increase profits.

At Be A Part Of, we enable our clients to be more competitive in their industry by offering solutions that result in greater efficiency and a quantifiable return on investment. By becoming familiar with your business and working closely with you, we are able to develop a custom e-Commerce strategy that best suits your individual business goals, brand, audience, market, and products or services specifically. Be A Part Of has a refined results-based approach that has allowed us to continuously and consistently achieve success on the internet with a multitude of businesses year after year.

Culture Statement

Passion and Ethics are the underlying forces that drive each and every one of us at Be A Part Of. As a team we strongly believe that we should hold our clients to the same esteem that we wish for them to hold us.

Our passion is to develop new and exciting business strategies each and every day, and to make automation the driving force behind e-Commerce. We live to create ideas, designs, and strategies that are mutually beneficial to everyone involved. We thrive in the face of defeat, and once we are committed to a project, nothing can stand in the way of our success.

We strive to succeed and to do the best that we possibly can, not by any means necessary, but to the best of our ability.

Our Team

Working side by side with each other five, six, and sometimes even seven days a week; the Be A Part Of staff have become much more than just co-workers… we have become a family! The level of trust, motivation, and compassion that we have developed for one another over the years is very strong, and leads to us working extremely well together both inside and outside of the office. We treat our clients the exact same way. When we take on a project we don’t treat you like an outsider, we literally want to “BE A PART OF” your company. We feel that treating every project like it is our very own is the best way to maximize potential in everything we do.

Let’s Talk!

Feel free to get in touch with one of our qualified consultants to talk about your needs.