Project Overview

Active Baby is a Canadian baby store with locations in North Vancouver & Langley, and an amazing collection of top baby gear and eco-baby products. A current BigCommerce client with a blueprint based theme at the time, Active Baby was looking to get a new design for their site and upgrade to the updated stencil theme engine on BigCommerce. This was the priority along with adding a custom-built baby registry to their site. Having looked around for options, there was nothing viable for Active Baby to install and leverage that suited their specific needs. A couple obscure options were available to have a registry offsite but there weren’t any options available for something native to BigCommerce at the time.

Custom BigCommerce App

Baby Registry Integration

Stencil Upgrade

Design & Build



Create a new design for Active Baby                                                      

Upgrade the theme from Blueprint to Stencil

Create a custom baby registry app that fit their specific needs

Continue maintenance of the site and theme

The Build

The build was pretty straightforward having implemented a theme purchased from the theme store, which we modified to fit their needs. Initially, this was not working for the client and we moved to a modified custom design based off of cornerstone (version 1.0). We launched a new design and worked on customizations while we simultaneously worked on developing the Baby Registry. Fairly underestimated, building the baby registry was more effort than we’d thought, as the integration with BigCommerce required some theme changes and we realized there were some additional features that any good registry should have (that we’d overlooked). Through perseverance and consultation with the client, we launched the new site with the custom baby registry and it was a great success.

Project Results

100% Data Integrity

100% Data Integrity on the orders

Improved User Experience

Improved user experience that is seamless and easy for customers to navigate

+18.37 Percent Increase

+18.37 Percent Increase in revenue since launch of the new checkout

Since 2015

Active Baby has been working with our team on semi-annual upgrades

~30% Increase

In website traffic post-launch from 2018 to 2019

83/100 Score

On Google page speed insights on desktop post-launch

Project Takeaways


Customers require robust applications that are easy to use. Learning how customers use an app within a website can be very useful to continuously build on and improve the app.

Baby Registry App

We now have a registry app that is available for any sort of registry requirement (ie. wedding/baby/etc.)

Custom Front-End API

We built a custom frontend JS API to facilitate the registry app.

…Finally now I found a company thats called Be A Part of, I really like the name too because I really wanna be part of something that really follows through. Gives you what you’re asking for…

Tamilee Webb CEO at NoonCom

We feel like some things are best said by someone other than ourselves. Please take a moment to review a video testimonial from one of our favourties, Tamilee Webb, the All-Star fitness video maker most known for “Buns of Steel” and “Abs of Steel”. If you feel like watching more, click the button below to watch more video testimonials we have received to date

“Be A Part Of basically customized the whole website for us and I really like how efficient they get their work done. The communication with their developers are easy, and they deliver their project quite efficiently.”

…Be A Part Of is also developing Baby Registry system, a completely customized App that links to our website. The admin panel is still at development stage and will be fully developed within a month. Once it’s done, it’ll be the most important app for us and I’m really glad that Be a Part Of can get Registry build-up for us. Looking forward to the result.”…  

Tamilee Webb CEO at Active Baby

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