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End-to-end BigCommerce design & development

Whether you’re a new merchant, re-building your existing BigCommerce site or migrating from a different platform, BigCommerce design & development is at the heart of what we do.  From stencil theme installs, to data imports, site design, page builds, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered end-to-end.

Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce merchants looking to migrate to BigCommerce

Existing BigCommerce merchants looking to revamp their current site

Startups & new merchants looking to build & grow on BigCommerce

500+ BigCommerce website builds  a tried & tested process.

BigCommerce design & development projects come in all different forms, shapes & sizes as each merchant is unique. However, generally our approach with projects like these boils down to a few fundamental components.

Installing and implementing stencil themes

Build from scratch or choose from a library of existing BigCommerce stencil themes. Either way, we’ll handle the initial install process along with any implementation necessary to set you up for success.

Styling and branding your stencil theme

Once you have a theme installed or implemented, it’s time to make it yours! We’ll tackle everything from applying your logo, brand colour palette, typography styles, button styles, and everything in-between.

Page build-outs and design

Homepage, about page, category pages, product pages, content pages, blogs, landing pages… so many pages! Let our in-house design team do the heavy lifting to get your site built.

Data imports or migration

Transferring product catalogues, migrating order history and migrating your customers are all important & often necessary steps in building a solid foundation on BigCommerce. Whether you’re re-platforming or trying to consolidate legacy data sitting in other systems, we’ve seen it all before. We’ll help you format, import, organize and activate your data to empower your business on BigCommerce.

Configuration of store settings or BigCommerce integrations

Before you can go live, there’s likely some unique settings, configurations or integrations your business will need to sail smoothly. Whether it’s subscriptions, order management, fulfilment, shipping, taxes, marketing, multi-channel, support, payments or really anything in-between — merchants trust us to piece the puzzle together. Furthermore, we’ve done many novel integrations that aren’t natively (directly) integratabtle, so just ask us!

Testing and quality assurance

The quality of work we deliver is a top priority for us. Having a fully in-house development and project management team allows us to maintain a rigorous QA process which involves several steps throughout any given project. This includes screen-recorded full functionality testing & review, a thorough, baseline checklist of items to check for, browser and mobile compatibility testing, feedback, notes and improvement discussions.

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