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With Be A Part Of, only experienced and well trained web designers are involved in the production of your website, giving you the benefit of working with a diverse web development team that not only understands the value of protecting your vital personal, financial, and marketing information, but a team that understands your company, your market, and how to approach a professionally built e-Commerce website.

The main goal for any e-Commerce website should be to convert customers and to turn those customers into repeat customers. In order to achieve this, an effective and seamless shopping experience is essential. No matter the platform, we have the e-Commerce expertise and experience necessary to attract more customers to your e-Commerce site.

With full transparency, we love using bigcommerce and it is our favorite platform. However, we understand that not all sites are created equal, which is why we have and always will work with other platforms. We are always an advocate for your business and if there is something that is a better fit…we will let you know. We look at every business and its goals, and help to figure out what the best options are. We do the company and the industry a disservice by not being your advocate and consulting to the best of our abilities without prejudice.


  • shopify-logo
  • Best in class solution for SMB. Great to get started with and move to Bigcommerce when ready to sell more
  • High level of design in themes. Geared towards smaller shops but can help get a site up and running for a reasonable cost.
  • Provides an App for Managing Your Store on a Mobile Device
  • Industry Leading POS Functionality and Hardware available for retail customers
  • Exclusive Integrations and apps available for select POS systems and mercahnts
  • Phone, Live Chat, Forum, FAQs, and Email Support Available 24/7
  • POS to site sync allowing smaller retail stores to easily and quickly reconcile inventory
  • Large amount of apps available to make it easier to find out of the box functionality


  • Magento-logo
  • Great solution for Enterprise sites looking to have in house access or requires heavy modifications/customization
  • Many themes available online, but usually a platform geared to integrating a custom responsive design from scratch
  • Open source code base allows you to host the site yourself, controlling the connections and relations with your online store and head office
  • Large amount of out of the box features that can be customized to suit without utilizing an API.
  • Many big brands utilize magento for its trusted name in the industry.
  • Thousands of Extensions Available
  • Offers a free and enterprise level license. Great for those looking to try out the waters and those that want the best of breed.

SaaS based ecommerce

The primary benefits of a SaaS based e-commerce solution are focused around outsourcing all of the technical burden of building and running a major site, and allowing your business to focus on your business. Using an e-commerce SaaS platform can be very beneficial to your business’s website, even if you are not building an e-commerce site. Many SaaS platforms have come a long way in terms of feature richness, customizability, and overall scalability. They are an excellent fit for companies that desire to offload the hosting and management burden of their e-commerce platforms with the minimum amount of upfront expenses and ongoing maintenance costs.

With world-class hosting, site speed, and security, Bigcommerce is, in our opinion, the best SaaS platform on the market. Their average uptime exceeds 99.9%, compared to the 99.5% industry average. Faster speed means your site loads faster, SEO efforts are more effective, and your conversion rates ultimately increase. All of our developers have a vast experience with Bigcommerce, understand how to use their API, and most importantly, know how to customize and modify any shopping cart to meet the specific needs and desires of any brand.

Bigcommerce is a great platform, however it is not for everyone. Shopify is the next best SaaS platform on the market, and it is excellent for small businesses, start-up businesses, or businesses that require very specific apps or customizations. Be A Part Of is a partner to Shopify and have full knowledge, understanding, and comprehension of how to best utilize and customize their platform. We certainly like Shopify as a platform, and continue to evaluate it with every build, there are just some things that ultimately become big differentiating factors, and shopify is just not there yet with some big limitations that larger companies require as a fundamental part of optimizing and growing as a company.

Open Source

When it comes to open source e-commerce solutions, Magento is second to none. Magento’s open source customizable platform allows you to quickly and cost-effectively build an e-Commerce site that is unique to your brand. Magento Commerce is the leading provider of open omnichannel innovation in the world, and have been the platform of choice for more Internet Retailer Top 1000 merchants than anyone else. Our developers have mastered the ins and outs of their platform, and understand how to customize it to help boost your sales, improve your conversion rates with fast checkout, and offer a seamless shopping experience to all of your customers.

If you are going open source, Magento is definitely our recommendation but if you are adamant about not using them, there are some other good options available that we have worked with and found to be good alternates;

CS Cart

We will not work with the following platforms;


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