Be A Part Of’s staff have been working with bigcommerce since they first opened their doors, and we have as much experience working with their platform as anyone in the industry. With over 10,000 hours of combined experience between our staff, there is really no surprise that we consider ourselves to be masters at developing with their platform. All of our developers have a vast experience with bigcommerce, understand how to use their API, and most importantly, know how to customize and modify any shopping cart to meet the specific needs and desires of any brand.

Bigcommerce as we said is our favourite platform, and not just because we are certified partners to them. Bigcommerce has many benefits to offer your website, including world-class hosting, site speed, and security. Bigcommerce’s average uptime exceeds 99.9%, compared to the 99.5% industry average. What does faster speed mean? It means your site loads faster, SEO runs more smoothly, and your conversion rates ultimately increase. Bigcommerce’s industry-best features have been helping merchants grow twice as fast as average by offering such features as:

• Single-page checkout
• Abandoned cart saver
• PayPal One Touch
• Square integration
• Social media buy buttons
• Advanced SEO
• Fraud Prevention

Bigcommerce has many other customizable features and also has more than 200 different themes available to choose from, enabling you to create the most modern, beautiful, and responsive website imaginable.


Flooret is a high end flooring company that has no physical store location. They only sell floors online.

Flooret was one of our earlier adventures with Bigcommerce a couple years ago when we decided to take on the task of creating a different looking site for them. We wanted to give them something that separates them from all other flooring sites and gives customers an easy user experience to navigate to what they want and checkout quickly.

We created a side navigation for the cart, reducing the checkout and using a lot of javascript to pull off a very unique site experience. We still work with them today on smaller jobs making their lives easier by adding better functionality one task at a time!


oBoticário is the world’s largest perfumery and cosmetics franchising network in the world, boasting an annual revenue of greater than 3 billion dollars. O Boticario has over 4000 locations worldwide, but none of those locations are in North America. As such, you may not know the name – but hopefully you will soon.

We were tasked with creating the first truly multilingual site on Bigcommerce’s platform. Even though we were creating the site for the United States market, they wanted English, Portuguese, and Brazilian languages to be available on the site since those are largely their target market’s languages.

To accomplish this task, we created 3 different Bigcommerce sites using subdomains for each language, and we implemented these language alterations across each domain. We also needed to create a PIM (Product Information Management) system/app to connect the sites together. The PIM assists with more than just the products, it also helps with the fulfillment of products and keeping the pricing amongst the sites the same when altered so that the administrator doesn’t need to go into each individual store to manage it. Not only did we design and build this site, we also implemented coding for the translations and coded a custom PIM app for them. To this day we still continue to work on multilingual sites for Bigcommerce, and plan to continue doing so well into the future.

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