Customize the design of your eCommerce store without constraints, right down to the code, and
create a buying experience on every device that your customers will love.

eCommerce Solutions

With Be A Part Of, only experienced and well trained web designers are involved in the production of your website, giving you the benefit of working with a diverse web development team that not only understands the value of protecting your vital personal, financial, and marketing information, but a team that understands your company, your market, and how to approach a professionally built e-Commerce website.

The main goal for any e-Commerce website should be to convert customers and to turn those customers into repeat customers. In order to achieve this, an effective and seamless shopping experience is essential. No matter the platform, we have the e-Commerce expertise and experience necessary to attract more customers to your website.

We’re one of a handful of Bigcommerce Certified Partners worldwide!

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a fast paced hard to keep up with industry that chews up the weak and feeble and leaves scraps behind. OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but at times that is what it calls for to get people to engage. Truthfully, this is a fast paced industry that takes constant work, education, and upkeep in order to survive.

That is why Be A Part of became a certified partner with Digital Marketer. This partnership gives us access to weekly “what’s working now” recordings, live in office talks, and over 36 Execution plans that range from Social Media ads, to Boomerang Traffic, to Optimization checklists, and more.

Recognized by Digital Marketer as a certified partner & certified in the technique and execution of InfusionSoft!


Web & Print Design

In this digital world that we live in, first impressions can only be made once, so a design that is a step above the rest is key. With competition being as fierce as ever, having collateral that is aesthetically appealing is very important to setting yourself apart from the competition, and leave a long lasting impression. We utilize known industry standards and guidelines to ensure that your design is not just well designed but also well put together.

Utilizing our web and marketing experience, we are able to make a congruent feel that your potential clients can see across all areas of your business, giving your prospects a feeling that they are in the right place. Whether it be from a display ad to a landing page, a flyer to your website, or some other method, the last thing that should be crossing a potential customer’s mind is whether or not they are in the right place.

Client Testimonial

We feel like some things are best said by someone other than ourselves. Please take a moment to review a video testimonial from one of our favourties, Tamilee Webb, the All-Star fitness video maker most known for “Buns of Steel” and “Abs of Steel”. If you feel like watching more, click the button below to watch more video testimonials we have received to date

  Finally now I found a company thats called Be A Part of, I really like the name too because I really wanna be part of something that really follows through. Gives you what you’re asking for…  
– Tamilee Webb

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