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pumpkinWhat do you think of when you hear the word “Halloween?”pumpkin

For some, they may think of being able to dress up like their favourite



or Animal,

while eating all of the candy in the world! For others, it is a time to masquerade as someone other than themselves, share a few laughs, and maybe get scared a time or two.

Regardless, it is a time that many people celebrate and love to experience, so there is no reason why your brand should not join in on the fun.


Just like everyone else this Halloween, it is time to “dress up” your site.


This doesn’t mean put piles of money into re-designing your site, but adding some of these little features will help to increase customer engagement and, according to CNN, increase sales.

How can celebrating Halloween through my eCommerce store help increase sales?

We all know the importance of prepping your site for larger holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. However, many businesses fail to see the ample opportunity that comes about during minor holidays, such as Halloween.

money-1Let’s talk numbers, shall we:money-2

In 2015, Halloween consumer spending totaled an amazing $6.9 billion!

Total projected spending on Halloween candy in 2015; $2.1 billion!

The average consumer spent ~$75.00 on candy, costumes, and decorations alone!

Halloween is ranked 3rd in acquiring the biggest sales (after Christmas and Easter)

70% of Canadians and Americans plan celebrate Halloween this year, be ready!

Some of you may be a little hesitant based on your product base and what you sell as it may have nothing to do with Halloween, but guess what – it really doesn’t matter!


Regardless of what you sell, you can get into the spooky spirit


It’s as easy as incorporating some of the Halloween basics;




skeletonWitches on Brooms


Spiders and Webs



Eery Sound Effects

Halloween Colours

…and that’s just to name a few!


Go the extra mile – get creative!


Adding a temporary twist to your logo is an easy way to boost social engagement and helps to increase buzz around your brand as consumers will begin to resonate more with you

Not all companies may have the means to implement a contest, but they are a great way to generate more activity through social media. No matter the prize, contests are always accepted positively as consumers love to be a part of something and this can be a great way to showcase their creativity. Some contest examples could be;

Pumpkin Carving

Best Costume

Best Decorations

Best Scares

The list goes on… the main takeaway is to get people to add your brand into their everyday conversation, and you can do so by implementing a Halloween themed contest.


Other spooky strategies;


witch-hatBlog about Halloween related content. For ideas on blog topics, click herespider

Customize email templates and subject lines to get into the spirit

If appropriate, create custom Halloween product bundles or packages!

Incorporate Halloween themed colours, banners, language, images, etc.


The possibilities of how you can incorporate Halloween into your eCommerce site are endless.


The important thing to keep in mind is that you do make some sort of an effort to show your market the playful side of your brand. It may seem silly, and in some markets slightly immature, but rest assured it will help to engage consumers. Whether or not you see an increase in sales right away, making slight adjustments to resemble the time of year will aid in bringing in new traffic to prepare for the largest sales holiday of the year, Christmas.

You do not want to be tricked by missing out on a great opportunity, so treat your eCommerce site to a spooky makeover and be Halloween ready!

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