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Growing your business takes a knowledgeable team

Whether your business has been flat, sales have gone up and down, or they have been declining over the past few years, you know by now – business growth takes marketing and advertising.

Knowing that, you have likely tested the waters with someone to run your cost per click, Facebook marketing, or some form of offline advertising with varying success. You also likely understand that you have the ability to accomplish some of the tasks it takes to grow your business and find it hard to make the time.

Some of you have gone through many different situations but we know there are many commonalities you will all share:


Online competition in your niche has grown


Your revenue is growing but your margins are shrinking


Finding qualified agencies to deliver on what they promise is difficult


Most consultants, paid searchers, and developers don’t have a complete offering in house

Skip the sales letter…

Are you a person of action, and know you want to increase sales? Do you want to hire a company who puts money where their mouth is? You know we are just going to hash out a wicked awesome deal over the phone anyways. Why not apply for the investment now?

Don’t fret, you are not only not alone, you are in the right place, and about to discover a once in a lifetime offer, to help your business grow to new heights!

Our “Double Your Sales” Method is a Done-For-You Service

We take on everything needed to make your business grow. If you have fantastic people in place, we may find working with them a breeze and bolt around your existing geniuses. If your business isn’t growing it might be time to replace these people anyways, and you may find that we offer more for less than what you are paying now.

Because You Deserve Better!

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. If you gave money to everyone with a slick suit and an idea you’d be broke!

Imagine what it would feel like to have a team of people working on your site, delivering your project on time, and delivering more than you expected. Imagine that you got this all for what industry standards would claim to be “next to nothing.” On top of that, your business is rolling, you have less on your plate, and you are able to hire more people to help ease your day as you scale your business.

Put simply, the “DOUBLE YOUR SALES METHOD” is a simple, hands on strategy that will:


Reassure you that you have been traveling down the correct path

Applying our proven method to your product will give you all of the evidence you need to prove to yourself that your product is every bit as good as you always knew it was


Free up some of your time

You’ll be amazed how much extra time you have to spend on other things when tedious tasks in your business are being automated


Put some extra money in your pocket

The better our method matches up with your product, the more money you are going to make for your business

Let Us Impress You!

Through rigorous training, 10+ years of business experience, and the gathering of numerous marketing mastery course certifications, Be A Part Of have mastered the DOUBLE YOUR SALES METHOD. Over the past year, more than 20 Million Dollars in sales growth has been successfully attained with our help!

  Finally now I found a company thats called Be A Part of, I really like the name too because I really wanna be part of something that really follows through. Gives you what you’re asking for…  
– Tamilee Webb

  I wasn’t looking to start any marketing or advertising when i first met Greg, however i knew i needed to get more business so when i heard him speak about the Double Your Sales method at a dinner event. I quickly realized this was something i had to do…  
– Ash Pillay

The DOUBLE YOUR SALES METHOD was created and is supported by Digital Marketer, one of the world's leaders in digital marketing education and training.

Each member of our marketing team has passed all 8 of Digital Marketer's Critical Core Disciplines of Digital Marketing courses, and obtained a badge of certification for each one.

Feature Price
The Machine
We implement automation utilizing a system dubbed “the machine” along with software which allows us to run client nurturing programs by selling systems to ascent your customers to spend more and help automate the removal of dead weight.
Content Writing
Our top-tier writers will create consistent, interesting, and relevant copy for your audience – this is an absolute must in today’s business world. Using our conversational style and conversion based words, we will utilize the CVO method. We will employ lead magnets, posts, tripwires, and other items of value-in-advance which will be offered to your future customers to build a relationship with the best step forward.
Landing Page
We will design and code an initial landing page to present an offer established in the execution plan stage. Matching banners & graphics will be designed to be congruent with the landing page design.
Initial Ad Setup (1 channel)
We will create the initial ads on one platform of your choosing to start (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) including all copy, banners, remarketing, and anything else that suits your business.
Execution Plan
We will create a 20+ page execution plan, including professional consultation and writing that lays out the initial 3 months specifically, and the following 3 quarters with more general targets and goals.
InfusionSoft Setup
You will receive the “best of” automation software that will save you time & money, while helping your business to run portions itself. With 36 campaigns from the machine, we will customize the campaigns to suit your business.
Total Cost $14,997

Click on the APPLY FOR AN INVESTMENT button to see if you qualify for up to $12,000 off our setup fee

But don’t delay, we will only be doing this for 100 businesses and for the first 10 that sign up for a one-year agreement, we will give you the first 2 months of services free!

In some cases, we may not approve you for an investment, which may be because you are a niche that we are uncomfortable working with or have not worked in the past. If this is the case, you can speak with our initial on boarding consultant about alternative options.