Online Marketing

Raising awareness & driving sales through multiple channels

DYS Method

Be A Part Of is going to invest 1 Million Dollars into 100 businesses over the next 12 months by implementing our DOUBLE YOUR SALES METHOD!

We have spent the past 14 years building our business and becoming industry leaders while gaining as many certifications along the way as we have been able to. These certifications include, but are not limited to, Digital Marketer’s 8 Critical Core Disciplines of Digital Marketing, which are entire marketing team is required to pass with at least a 70% average.

By implementing our Double Your Sales method over the past year, we have been able to help businesses grow anywhere from 50%-800%, and we are proud to say that we have helped increase sales by over 20 million dollars so far!

This method includes:

  • Marketing Funnel Optimization
  • Digital Marketer’s automation system “The Machine”
  • A 20+ Page Execution Plan
  • The Initial Ad Setup for 1 Channel of Your Choosing
  • Hours Upon Hours Worth of Content/Copy Writing
  • A Landing Page Setup
  • InfusionSoft Setup

Want to be one of the 100 business?

Recognized by Digital Marketer as a certified partner


Be A Part Of is certified in the technique and execution of InfusionSoft, the number one automation software on the market. InfusionSoft will save you time & money, while helping your business to run portions itself. With 36 campaigns from the machine, we have the ability to customize the campaigns to best suit your business.

With InfusionSoft you will be able to:

  • Generate a seemingly endless flow of leads
  • Build relationships and engage your audience with personalized, automated follow-ups/emails
  • Collect data about your leads and score them
  • Track engagement and customize follow-up messages
  • Trigger personalized communications with clients or potential clients based on certain trends they follow including email sends, email opens, clicks, form submissions, and payment history
  • Tag and segment contacts that come to your business (online and offline)
  • Set up online shopping carts and manage your online store
  • Create discounts, subscription plans, and promo offers

We have been implementing InfusionSoft into businesses since they first opened their doors to the public, and we consider ourselves to be industry leaders when it comes to the knowledge, comprehension, and implementation of their software.

Certified in the technique and execution of InfusionSoft!

End to End Marketing

Be A Part Of are one of a select few full service in house firms in our industry. We do everything in house and do not outsource any of our work unless it is an absolute necessity.

The full range of Online Marketing services that we offer are:

  • Paid Search
  • Social PR & Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation Services
  • Marketing Funnel Optimization
  • Content/Copy Writing
  • Landing Page Setup
  • Ad Setup
  • Execution Plan Setup & Implementation
  • Access to “The Machine”

By becoming familiar with your business and working closely with you, we are able to develop a custom e-Commerce strategy that best suits your individual business goals, brand, audience, market, and products or services specifically. Contact us today for a free quote or to apply for an investment.

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