Business Motto: The earth is flat, and the moon-landing was faked. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – and always do your best, and always look for ways to improve.

Favourite Colour: The colour of Ontario Blue Ash tree leaves as the sun penetrates through them at mid-day

Superpower: Accessing whatever (or whoever’s) thoughts and mental state as desired. Can understand anything others understand, relate to others better, perfect recall, and gain the collective knowledge of humanity. Or time travel.

Chris Fuller

Web Developer

At the young age of 15, Chris was already developing flash games. And what started off as a hobby, ended up paying for his university fees. He graduated from McMaster with Honours in Computer Science. Post graduation he began to work on a virtual PBX built in flash at corporate level, before shifting his focus to web development. A free spirit & wanting to see more of the world, Chris decided to travel throughout Europe and North Africa with a tent, bicycle, and laptop coding websites along the way. After getting that wanderlust out of his system, Chris opted for a more stable life and decided to return home to Canada. He began to work for Be A Part Of and has been contributing to their projects ever since.