Business Motto: “A proper mix of passion and constructive thinking can achieve great things.”

Favourite Colour: Blue

Superpower: Making Clones

Dzmitry Kavalchyk

Web Developer

Shortly after his arrival in Canada from Belarus in December of 2010, Dzmitry attended Seneca College where he obtained a degree in Computer Programming & Analysis. He originally wanted to follow a career of a game developer but found his true calling in web design & programming. He hopes to continue to grow as a web developer, and is proud to say that he learns something new everyday. Dzmitry will love each opportunity to develop a gaming or a hobby website, and welcomes any such company to work with Be A Part Of. Dzmitry’s favorite things about his job are the team environment at Be A Part Of, the feeling of creating something from nothing and watching his work come to life on the screen. When Dzmitry isn’t hard at work, you can catch him surfing the internet or playing various video, collectible card, and tabletop games with friends.