Business Motto: “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

Favourite Colour: Pink

Superpower: To be the smartest person in the world – Kind of like Brian Finch off of Limitless, minus the super pill.

Emily Peterson

Client Success Manager

As Be A Part Of’s Digital Marketer and Client Success Manager, Emily helps ensure the success of our existing clients. Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University, majoring in Marketing. Her passion for Digital Marketing and eCommerce encouraged her to also minor in eBusiness. With a previous 10 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, Emily found her true calling and has earned AdWords and Analytics certifications, as well as multiple certifications with Digital Marketer. Emily possesses a strong willingness to teach and share her expertise with our clients. Her vision and ability to see the big picture while breaking it down into bite size actionable items has helped her become a tremendous asset to the Be A Part Of team! When Emily is not advising clients or strategizing the next big win, she enjoys hitting the gym, waterskiing, watching movies, and sharing a delicious meal with family and friends. You’ll always find her with a smile on her face.