Business Motto: “The right person, in the right position, will enjoy their job and deliver loyalty, honesty, and trust towards their company.” – This mentality is what has allowed us to keep the same staff on for so long.

Favourite Colour: Be A Part Of Blue (go figure)

Superpower: Limitless

Greg Johnston

Managing Director

Greg originally studied culinary arts in school, but he gave up life as a chef to start his own web design firm in 2004. After graduating with honours from Humber College as a Computer Programmer Analyst, Greg immediately understood that computers were the future of not just business but life in general, and he wanted to be a part of that. Greg is a very hands-on boss, technically he is our CEO but don’t let him hear you say that! Greg is an award winning developer and is very proud to call himself a certified partner to both Bigcommerce and Digital Marketer. Greg has always dreamed big, and over the past few years he has had the opportunity to work with multiple billion dollar companies, 30+ million dollar companies, and many others that do well over 1+ million dollars in revenue. So I guess you can say Greg’s dreams have come true, right? WRONG! Greg is not the complacent type, in 2016 he hopes to grow on his past successes and lead Be A Part Of to new heights. With competition being a global marketplace, it is becoming harder and harder for small and medium sized businesses to maintain profits. He believes that automation will be what helps to drive profits up, and differentiate between businesses that succeed long term and businesses that are treading water. When Greg isn’t busy insisting that he’s not CEO, you can catch him on the ice screaming like Chewbacca after he scores a goal… he’s actually pretty good too!