Business Motto: “Through everything I complete, my goal is to complete it well and with value.”

Favourite Colour: Navy Blue

Superpower: Time Travelling

Matt Gross

Full-Stack Development

Matt started out building websites and writing code as a hobby when he was just 12 years old, and has been doing it professionally since the age of 14. Matt has worked on hundreds of websites throughout his life, and in his free time he co-owns and operates a social community of programmers with over 1,400 members. Matt strives to develop innovative and new technologies and contribute to Be A Part Of’s growth in any way that he can. Matt’s favourite part about his job is that there are zero limitations, everything he creates is solely dependant on his own creativity. Matt still has lots of work and his whole life ahead of him, but when he does decide to finally take a break he plans on travelling the world and exploring everything that mother nature has to offer.