Business Motto: “Achieving success comes from finding something you love to do, being curious enough to keep learning, passionate enough to stay focused, creative enough to stay motivated, and brave enough to continue through the hard times.”

Favourite Colour: Red Rose

Superpower: The ability to read, understand, and comprehend books at tremendous speeds

Paula Johnston

Accounts Manager & Bookkeeper

Paula started out with Be A Part Of as a marketer and sales person more than 10 years ago, but quickly transitioned to become our accounts manager and bookkeeper. On top of graduating from Fundamentals of Accounting at Seneca College, Paula also has extensive training with Quickbooks, and a business certification through the Young Entrepreneurs Business Program. She has a real knack for real estate investing, and one day hopes to manage and invest in all of Be A Part Of’s real estate holdings. What Paula loves most about her job is that it allows her to implement not just her skills, but her interests into her everyday life. When Paula is not keeping records, dealing with the federal government, or managing our finances, she really enjoys taking in the arts. She has taken several acting and dancing classes in the past, and recently started taking singing lessons. She also loves to teach others what she has learned and hopes to one day pass on her skills to her children.