Business Motto: “If you love what you do, putting in the hard work won’t feel like a chore. To succeed in anything, you have to have a goal and something to focus on, but at the same time understanding the breadth of all inclusive aspects of your goal.”

Favourite Colour: Blue

Superpower: Teleporting

Robin Dowman

Lead Back-end Development

At a young age Robin was always really into the tech industry and used to spend a lot of his free time dabbling with modding programs and “hacking” websites for fun. He obtained a degree in Organic Chemistry and Psychology from the University of Toronto, but soon realized that programming was where the bulk of his time, energy, and passion were going, so he decided to make it his career. He started out working as a freelancer but soon joined on with Be A Part Of as a full time web developer. Robin spends his days architecting projects, implementing designs, writing scripts, troubleshooting problems, interacting with clients and helping them through their technical issues. Robin strives to continue learning and developing the necessary skills to not just become more well rounded in the tech industry, but to become more well rounded in business. He plans on continuing to adapt and learn new programming languages, keep up with relevant and new technologies, and continue to develop his customer and business relation skills. Robin loves that he is constantly learning and developing new skills because he has the opportunity to implement them into his projects, and can witness all of his hard work pay off right in front of his eyes. When Robin isn’t hard at work, he does whatever he can to stay active including playing volleyball, playing soccer, occasionally going for runs, and practising a wide array of mixed martial arts… mainly the lesser known art of Sikaran.