7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is a Must-Have



Email marketing is a tactic that everyone is aware of. Whether you are the business owner who utilizes email marketing to notify consumers of products, services, deals, promotions, etc., or you are the subscriber who is on the receiving end of the emails, it is well known across all industries.


Some marketers feel that email marketing is intrusive and an inefficient means of communication with their consumers. We are here to tell you, however, as long as email marketing is done correctly, it is;


Cost Effective




Action Oriented


And Personal


So long as you are not spamming your subscribers’ inbox, these are just 7 of the various benefits that your company will realize if you implement email marketing into your business model.


Cost Effective


It’s no secret that traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, or direct mail can be very expensive. Particularly for smaller businesses on a budget, it is hard to utilize these channels to their advantage.


This is where email marketing comes into play!


Think about it… you can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers at a rate of next to nothing per email. This is favourable to businesses of all sizes, but for those of you on a budget, this may be a more feasible option for you to incorporate.


In fact, a joint study from Shop.org and Forrester Research found that 85% of US retailers consider email marketing as one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics in comparison to all of the larger, more expensive channels.


This benefit should be enough in itself to show you that it is worth implementing, but just in case you are still on the fence, there are 6 more factors to take into consideration!




Some of you might be thinking that implementing an email marketing strategy will be tedious and time-consuming.


Well I am here to welcome to you 2017 where everything, including email marketing, can be automated!


Softwares, such as Infusionsoft and Marapost, offer automated email marketing that allows you to save time and other resources.


These softwares are programmed to monitor subscribers’ behaviours and click through rates. When a consumer completes a certain action, the software will be triggered to send a specific email based on that particular action.


…Long story short, you no longer have to monitor whether or not a subscriber opens your email so that you can attempt to remarket them if need be or send them a specific promotion.


Programs like Infusionsoft will monitor all of this for you and allow you to automate various email campaigns to help push that consumer higher up the sales cycle without exhausting any additional resources.




Businesses do not just use email marketing because it is affordable and convenient, they use it for one of the main reasons companies market themselves in the first place, to communicate with consumers!


Of course, not all consumers will want to sign up to an email list.


There are, however, those consumers that want to stay informed and be the first to know about the latest deals, promotions, sales, and product releases! Since they are making this commitment to you to receive this information, you have to deliver!


So long as you are giving them something worth reading in every email, providing this information will be nothing but appreciated and will help boost overall engagement.




We live in an age where everything is available to business owners, consumers, and all individuals alike via mobile devices.


So what does this mean for email marketing?


It means that consumers will be able to access your emails wherever they are, allowing you to continue to build a relationship with them and remain in constant communication regardless of the time of day!


In fact, according to Exacttarget, 91% of people use their smartphones to access their email.


So what are you waiting for? Start talking to that 91%!


Action Oriented


We have established that it is important to stay in constant communication with your consumers.


What these conversations entail, however, are information regarding the latest product/service releases, discount coupons, sales, promotions, and everything else that subscribers want to hear about.


It is human nature to either open an email, click through an email, or even use a coupon code from an email to convert! Regardless of which action each subscriber is taking, they are still taking action, and that is what matters!


Not to bring science into this… but every action has a reaction, right?


Well email marketing is a perfect demonstration of what Newton was talking about! All of these actions will result in a higher generation of leads, an increase in conversion rates, a rise in click-through rates and site visits, or simply just an increase of awareness of your brand.


Regardless of the action taken, you are remaining top of mind to the consumer, and that is one of the biggest benefits that come about when implementing email marketing.




Email marketing systems such as Infusionsoft or Maropost allow you to not only automate your various email campaigns, but they also allow you to measure how successful each campaign and email is.


For instance, the various metrics that these programs provide are;


Open rates


Click through rates




Subscriber retention


Engagement with content and social media


Bounce rates


So what good is this to you?


Well it’s great if you have an email campaign running, but if it is not generating leads or increasing conversions, then what is the point?


These metrics allow you to see what is working within your campaigns and what is not. Whether it be


The headline

The subject header

The tone of the email content

Or even… the deal!


You will not know what to tweak or get rid of altogether unless you have these metrics provided, so be sure to use them!




We all know that feeling of unappreciation when we receive an email that does not attempt to be personal and is spammed to dozens of other inboxes.


This is not a good feeling and will result in the subscriber not feeling connected to you and your brand, or even unsubscribing.


Email marketing softwares allow you to automate all emails and deliver them in bulk, but still remain personal to each subscriber.


One way this is achieved is the obvious… using the subscriber’s name in the email.


Another way this is achieved is through segmentation.


Through the various metrics outlined above, email marketing programs pay attention to each subscriber’s actions and base the next email sent upon whether or not he or she opened the email or ignored it, for instance.


Think about it… do you really want to be sending a subscriber who has been inactive for a few weeks, rarely clicks through your emails or even opens them the same email and offer that you do a loyal subscriber who opens every email, clicks through the entire email, and even converts a time or two on low dollar offers?


I’ll help you out… the answer is No.


You want to personalize your communication to talk to each subscriber with their current status in mind. This will not only allow you to send the loyal subscriber more information that they have previously shown interest in, but it will also allow you to remove those inactive subscribers from your list.


See… getting personal doesn’t always have to be so scary!



And there you have it! There are 7 reasons why, if you don’t already, you should implement email marketing into your overall marketing plan.

Regardless of the size of your business, the industry you are pursuing, or the market you are speaking to, email marketing can and will be an advantageous way to stay in contact with your subscribers and boost engagement.

And remember! You are not alone! There are plenty of resources available to you to make email marketing a breeze to utilize, all you have to do is…




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